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Текст песни: Waylander Erdath

Слова песен Waylander.
Kindred Spirits
Слова песни Erdath Waylander

Scarlet, foreboding, deadliest of signs
The dawn drips blood on the day of doom
The stars above, they flicker threatening to fall
Dreaded sense of fear consuming us all

The stars they paint pictures in the night time sky
Those who watch, with trepidation, rightly recognize
A foul formed misalignment, this can be no lie
A morbid prediction of our impending demise

Erdath - End of days
Erdath - Eiireann drowns

The sun boils as the tides turn
The seas rise as the winds howl
Fires rage from the Earth below

The land sinks into the waves

The fires of destruction relentlessly it burns
As it licks the western ocean with it's savage red tongue
A catastrophic conflagration sweeps across the land
Devastating touch of fates all consuming hand

In caves on mountain summits we must endure
Rebirth of mankind in the druid's hands
Knowledge gathered since the dawn of days
A legacy of hope for those who have survived
Held upon the day that will surely come
When the lands arise from beneath the waves

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