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Текст песни: Waylander Quest for Immortality

Слова песен Waylander.
Kindred Spirits
Слова песни Quest for Immortality Waylander

An ominous grey blanket moves with case across the sky
And I, sat here, I wish that I could fly
If wishes were nations, then it's I who'd rule the world
My subjects mankind? I'd scatter and hurl!

Embrace the words of wisdom, thus fill the armory
Sharpened tongues like keenest edge cuts so deep
Rip down the hall of mirrors with subtlety and guile
Re-humanize mankind from role of sheep

Immortal am I - No fire, no sun, nor moon shall burn
Immortal am I - No water, no lake, nor sea shall grown

I will weep not, like the willow tree, relentless in my aim
Ascension towards divinity, no remorse, guilt or shame
And while I rise, I leave behind

Ideas of mundane conscience
The fickle wants of humankind
Presents to me a nonsense

Infantile, the children rape
And in a frenzy feed
Some people cry for vengeance
But there will be no need
Reprisals will be merciless
Of this there is no doubt
Negligence, the vilest crime
But I will find you out

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