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Текст песни: Waylander Of Fear and Fury

Слова песен Waylander.
Kindred Spirits
Слова песни Of Fear and Fury Waylander

The beast of pride has awoken in me
Tremble now for my rage knows no bounds
And though my limbs, they tremble with fatigue
And throbbing pain battles my desire
I invoke the fur within
And hold fast to my iron will

And though you stand before me
I will know thee not

Of fear and fury, fear and fury I'm possessed

Odds insurmountable I face
Drowning in a flood of fear
Visions of mortality and loss
The craven cancer consumes

The bards they speak of heroes pure
Who stand up tall and conquer fear
Invincible, in thought and deed
The calm amid the ebb and flow

Trust not in hope for it, is a dangerous thing
Dare not to dream for shattered hope devastates
Believe in the toil which has prepared you for this day
Put bridle to rage, nerve and skill will see you safe

In my mind's eye, I recall
All that I have known

I reflect upon the legend of he who stood alone
Summon Cu Chulainn's spirit, so I may make it home

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