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Текст песни: Waylander Once Upon an Era

Слова песен Waylander.
Reawakening Pride Once Lost
Слова песни Once Upon an Era Waylander

Drift back to an era now gone
Kindred spirits fought to overcome
Druids held sway over kings
And the thrill of the hunt prevailed
People were one with the land
And harmony reigned in the cycle of life

I too am of the earth
Celtic fire burns in my veins
I too am a warrior born
I fight the pain and misery
My Ancestors Light my Path
My spirit, forever flys free

Almost any path is secret
Until you've travelled it yourself
Universal powers abound
Try to choose the right path
A stairway to a higher plain

Live for this world and the next

The standing stones
The stone circles
A life so complex
Yet so simple
Once upon an era

I enter the fray ungrieving
In my heart of hearts believing
That the path of many futures
I will await Stoicly
Enduring the endless knot
My belief will see me through

Celtic fire!! Warrior born!!

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