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Текст песни: Waylander Kindred Spirits

Слова песен Waylander.
Kindred Spirits
Слова песни Kindred Spirits Waylander

Who are you? What dwells within?
Collective memory borne of kin
Transcend the animal instinctively bred
Question, ponder then ascend
Seek out the energies, ancient, profound
Assemble together, upon hallowed ground
Recite the lore, in memory preserve
Homage to the deities that each of us serve

We are kindred of spirit
Our thoughts are as one
Like mountains we stand
We are never alone

We see magic in the sunrise
We see magic in the trees
As the bud it turns to blossom
We feast upon it's yield
And as time rolls by
Flowing like eternal streams

Our bonds transcend the centuries
An everlasting tie

Replenish the Earth for the gifts
So easily taken away
Plant deep the seeds
Lest they wither in the sun
Free your will and elevate
Listen to your heart
Let truth emerge from darkness
Casting light upon our way

With courage in our hearts we face
The judgement of the soulless ones
The land pulsates beneath our feet
Energizing those who seek

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