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Текст песни: Sawyer Brown Still Water

Слова песен Sawyer Brown.
Слова песни Still Water Sawyer Brown

Sawyer Brown
Still Water
(Duet With Donna Mc Elroy)

Lord, I talk too much and say the wrong things

Time and time again

Still when times get rough yours is the voice

That says I can come home again


Beside the still water

This world can't touch me

You're my shield - You're my true friend indeed

You're the still water where I find my peace

When I feel for from you all I need do

Is sit and whisper your name

You're the one place I know where I can go

And find love - that never will change


When I feel I can't go on

I can feel you hand gently lead me home

Yes you are Your the still water


Where I find my peace

(c)Copyright 1991 By Zoo II / Myrt & Chuck's Boy Music (ASCAP)

All rights reserved

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