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Текст песни: Suidakra Baile's Strand

Слова песен Suidakra.
Слова песни Baile's Strand Suidakra

The Red Branch knights are gathered
For Ulster’s honour at Baile’s strand

Hither from across the waves
A young boy with a merry face
But armed as if for fighting
Came onto the shore
“Thou shall not land on Erin’s soil”,
Cuinaire cried out,
“Until thou hast revealed thy name!”

For all you ask I can reveal but I must conceal
My name and lineage
Nor from my course you can make me stray away
For I am under bounds and cannot disobey

In battle I will not give way
Nor ever will I speak my name

If challenged I will draw my blade
Here on this strand I will meet my fate

I’ll only answer with my blade
No man can stray me from my way

“Then you shall die”, Cuinaire replied,
“For no one unknown may enter our realm”

For Ulster’s honour many warriors were sent
But to none did he give his unhallowed name

To wound them or kill, the spell to fulfil
The geasa forced upon his infinite will

Any attempt to impede him was doomed and destined to fail

I’ll only answer with my blade
No man can stray me from my way

In battle I will not give way

Nor ever will I speak my name

Finally Cuchulainn himself was summoned,
The King had ordered him to defeat this foe
And towards tragedy he strode

A fierce battle ensued,
More than a match for Cuchulainn,
The young boy proved

Dealing blow after blow,
The lad forced Chuchulainn back
With a strength and speed
The hound of Culan had never met

As the battle continued in the water
Two times Cuchulainn almost drowned,
Yet on the third, he remembered the Gae Bolg

And with the strength of the hero’s light
He threw it through the waves with all his might

The Gae Bolg, is it true?
Only one may wield it, is it really you?

To a tragic end the story seems to have come
Together they would have crushed the gates of Rome
As Cuchulainn bore the boy in his arms towards the shore
He saw his own ring that the brave boy had worn

Hence the father realized what he had just done
Oh Lord, he had slain his only son!

But what he did not know, at that time on that shore
Through Elatan’s ring Conloach’s soul now soared
To take his place into myth and memory
Amongst the Riders of the Daoine Sidhe

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